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Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor 60% OFF!

All that you'll get when you join today. Read on to learn more.

You’ll Instantly Get Three Special Reports and Valuable Bonus Resources.

New GVI Investor members will be automatically enrolled in the “Taste of Royalty” all-expenses-paid dream European vacation giveaway. Urgent details below.

Right now, you’re getting the rare chance to join in this exciting, new wealth-building venture – my first-ever in America – called GVI Investor.

The goal of GVI Investor is to show you how to capture the largest windfalls of your life, no matter what’s going on in the markets...

And give you the tools you need to profit time and time again.

By now, you know I count on CROCI (created by Deutsche Bank, adopted by Goldman Sachs, mastered by yours truly) to target the greatest gains and avoid the painful losers...

CROCI – Cash Return On Capital Invested – is the single most important factor I personally rely on for every major investment decision I make for myself, my family and my readers.

It’s a critical measure of a company’s TRUE PROFITABILITY. And I’m seeing great CROCI scores play out in three new opportunities.

So I’ve put the buy instructions together for you on a silver platter in the form of three specially curated reports:

  • The Most Undervalued 5G Stock of Today,” which has a CROCI score of 13.6 – 36% higher than my baseline
  • Your Recurring Revenue ‘Cash Machine’ in Any Market,” which has a CROCI score of 24.6 – 146% higher than my baseline
  • Last but not least, “This International Financial Firm Could Put Serious Cash in Your Pocket.” This one has an astounding CROCI score of 30 – that’s THREE TIMES higher than my baseline.

How much money could these stocks make you?

By comparison... a special play on AbbVie, after its CROCI score hit 16.2, could have resulted in a 1,195% gain in four months.

The Hershey Company, when its CROCI score reached 17.1, ended up with a 1,064% gain in just six weeks.

And Lockheed Martin, after its CROCI score came in at 17.8, could have delivered an insane 5,809% gain over two months.

Extraordinary profits, without question.

$5K into each of those top three plays in 2022 would have turned into more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS ($418,400, to be exact).

The moment you become a member of GVI Investor, you’ll receive all three of these new profit opportunities.

Look, after 25-plus years of winning trades...

Running laps around Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, 1,214% to 434% since ’04... through both bull and bear markets...

Turning every $1 million into $5.92 million since the Great Recession...

Writing 18 books on investing and options trading (with the 19th coming out soon!)...

Beating out investment legends and becoming the Financial Times’ No. 1 Stock Market Forecasting Champion (and writing more than 200 columns for it)...

Hosting my own investing programs on CNBC, Bloomberg and Sky News...

Personally interviewing 1,000-plus CEOs of up-and-coming companies over the years...

And leading the delivery of over $1.1 billion in investments for the British government...

I’ve distilled my best investment knowledge and put my life’s work into GVI Investor.

That’s why you’ll receive a LOT by becoming a new member, including these benefits...

No. 1 – Core GVI Investor Portfolio

GVI Model portfolio

In total, we look to hold 15 to 20 stock positions (each with a targeted 12-month holding period), along with offering easy-to-follow instructions on how to invest from your basic brokerage account.

You don’t need a lot of starting capital either, since almost all of the stocks I recommend can be purchased for less than $100.

No. 2 – Instant Trade Alerts

Instant Buy Alerts

You can expect to receive two to three emails from me per month with briefings on stocks I believe are incredible purchases.

Remember, they’ve all “passed muster” and present urgent and unique profit opportunities.

No. 3 – Sell Alerts to Bank Maximum Profits

Profit multiply options alerts

Through my research, monitoring CROCI along with many other factors, I’ll email you the optimal point to TAKE PROFITS...

Meaning you won’t have to deal with the undisciplined guessing game most stock pickers play...

Time is money, which is why I’ve also integrated text message notifications... to ensure you never miss a beat.

It’s a great optional feature, highly recommended for those who want to focus on living life rather than staring at their email inbox all day.

You’ll also be invited to...

No. 4 – Monthly “Boardroom” Meetings

GVI Investor Monthly video calls

Once a month, you’ll have access to me and other members over a Zoom “Boardroom” call where you’ll get real-time commentary and have all the most-asked questions answered.

I’ll boil down the biggest economic stories and shoot you a brief video examining the trends. I’ll assess where we stand with the GVI Investor model portfolio recommendations... and analyze where I see the market going.

Boardroom calls are recorded for your convenience, so if you want to go back into the archive to see any of my previous briefings, you’re welcome to them. Gratis.

You’ll also receive...

No. 5 – All Three Special Reports to Potentially Multiply Your Money

All Three Special Reports to Potentially Multiply Your Money...

(Similar Past Opportunities Soared 1,064%... 1,295%... EVEN UP TO 5,809%... Within Mere Months!):

  • “The Most Undervalued 5G Stock of Today”
  • “Your Recurring Revenue ‘Cash Machine’ in Any Market”
  • “This International Financial Firm Could Put Serious Cash in Your Pocket.”

Each report will walk you through exactly why each stock represents a great profit opportunity.

Don’t forget: You can now – for the first time ever in GVI Investor – potentially multiply your money with a simple options approach. I lay it all out inside this next benefit...

No. 6 – “The Profit Multiplier: Alpesh Patel’s Ultimate Guide to Options”

The Profit Multiplier: Alpesh Patel’s Ultimate Guide to Options

You will understand how to positively explode your profits and safeguard your positions with this powerful options approach.

Even if you’re starting small, you could see the chance to make thousands of dollars very quickly.

Like what you could have done with Humana. At the beginning of 2022, its CROCI score hit 14.2 (42% above the baseline) – this could have led to 739% gains on the option in only one month.

You could’ve turned $1K into $8,390 with this simple profit-multiplying trade.

No. 7 – Unlimited Access to Our Membership Site

You can take a look at this exclusive content anytime, 24/7. Inside, you’ll see your quick-start videos and growing library of financial resources, including a miniseries called Trade Like a Dealmaker.

As the senior-most DEALMAKER for the U.K.’s Department for International Trade, I’ve led the delivery of $1.1 BILLION in investments into the country since 2005.

All the tricks of my trade are inside this miniseries.

You’ll see my strategies for interviewing approximately 100 CEOs on an annual basis...

And how I press each one on how they think their promising new companies will survive and thrive in bull and bear markets.

Remember, I’m always searching for the best up-and-coming companies!

The Sleep Well Model: Unlocking Your Ideal Risk-Reward Profile

I’ve also created something special for you that I call The Sleep Well Model: Unlocking Your Ideal Risk-Reward Profile.

This decision-making minicourse will help you determine your ideal risk profile for sleeping well at night... especially if you’re worried about economic instability or how aggressively (or conservatively) you should be investing at any given stage of life...

This interactive video series will explain the ins and outs of my model so you can hit the ground running with the full confidence that you know the right strategy to follow for your individual circumstances.

Unofficial Dealmaker Watchlist: 10 Promising Stocks to Keep Your Eye On

And you’ll receive a list of companies I like – but only at the right price. I’m calling it my Unofficial Dealmaker Watchlist: 10 Promising Stocks to Keep Your Eyes On. You’ll love this especially if you’re looking for some profitable speculative bets that could pay off big time.

GVI Investor Handbook: The Easiest Way to Turn $100K Into $1 Million in 10 Years or Less

You’ll also receive my updated and illustrated “GVI Investor Handbook: The Easiest Way to Turn $100K Into $1 Million in 10 Years or Less.” This is your essential roadmap and distills the hard-won wisdom from my 25-plus years as a successful investor, hedge fund CEO and mission-driven capitalist.

I suggest you read it right after your membership is activated. It will walk you through the entire system and ensure you see the “big picture” behind GVI Investor.

No. 8 – Exceptional Concierge Service

Image of C&C team inlcuding Henrick Topp and other team members.

You’ll also have a highly trained team at our Baltimore headquarters... ready to help you get the most out of your membership.

They’re ready to help you at a moment’s notice!

You can call or email us anytime too. We’ll respond to you promptly.

We’ll always be standing by to ensure you have a seamless experience accessing everything you need to be successful with GVI Investor.

There Are Only 75 Membership Slots Left Today

Our proud publisher, Manward Press, is a remarkable company with approximately 121,000 passionate subscribers.

Only 75 of today's viewers will be welcomed into GVI Investor with this special deal (first come, first served).

Available memberships will go fast. And I can’t say whether or not we will be forced to end this promotion within hours.

This is an exclusive club where we share sensitive stock information, and thus, it needs to be kept small.

And today’s deal is exceptional.

Normally, it would cost you 2% of your investable capital PLUS 20% of your profits to follow my hedge fund’s investment guidance.

Regular investors have paid up to $27,000 for the most premium level of my U.K.-based research.

But as I’ve only recently launched my first-ever U.S.-based service, you’re getting a phenomenal deal.

GVI Investor retails for $4,900 per year – but today, you can get started for just $1,899.

That’s more than a 60% discount on the regular price others pay... and it’s available to you as a new member as part of this special offer only.

That means you could put your $3,000 in savings to work in the three plays I’m prepared to deliver you the moment you become a GVI Investor member.

But please note: You won’t find this discount on our website.

It’s available only right here, right now... until the timer at the top of your screen hits zero.

That’s why I urge you to be one of the first 75 people who take me up on this almost embarrassingly low price.

Remember, today’s one-time membership fee will give you instant access to everything you see on this page.

Everything you'll get when you join today. Learn more in the bulleted list below.

In total, you’re promised...

  • Remarkable ROI potential inside of 30 days – you’ll be able to immediately capitalize on the three new opportunities and our model portfolio... and experience for yourself how wealthy this GVI system could make you
  • The opportunity to see SIX money-doubling opportunities or more, per our model portfolio, over the course of your 12-month subscription – or I’ll personally work for you for an entire second year FOR FREE (an extra $4,900 value)
  • 365-day satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not absolutely blown away by the quality of my analysis, contact us for a full complimentary credit to any other VIP advisory service inside the Manward Press universe.

To get started, simply fill out the easy membership form on this page.

Or you can reach out to my Baltimore-based concierge team at 844.201.1980 or +1.443.541.4636. They will welcome your call anytime from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday. So if you have any trouble filling out the form below, give them a call.

You’ll be glad you did.

Let me finish by saying this: I hope to shake your hand one day and thank you for putting your faith in me.

Like how I was able to help GVI Investor member Carlos Gutierrez.

He said...

[Alpesh] has an uncanny ability to discriminate top-notch companies that have the potential for triple-digit gains. In the few short weeks, I have followed every one of his trades, and as a result, I am up thousands of dollars. His GVI trading system is a game changer!

I 100% intend on making your GVI Investor experience a “game changer” for you too.


Alpesh Patel, OBE
DEALMAKER, U.K.’s Department for International Trade
Founder, Praefinium Partners
Editor, GVI Investor

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