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Alpesh Patel'

Alpesh Patel here.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you as our newest charter member of GVI Investor today!

In my years in the markets, I’ve accomplished a great deal.

I’m extremely proud Queen Elizabeth II honored me as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for leading the delivery of $1.1 billion in investment into the U.K. since 2005.

I’m extremely proud to have won the Financial Times’ #1 Stock Market Forecasting Award.

And I couldn’t be prouder to have shown folks in the U.K. how to turn $100,000 into more than $1 MILLION over 10 years... and $4 million over 16 years.

Alpeshs' track record

But now... I could not be more excited to give hardworking folks like you in the U.S. that same exact chance for the first time, starting today.

I want you to outperform the markets by 580%.

In order to help you achieve that goal, moving forward, I’ll recommend stocks that have triple-digit potential within strict 12-month time frames...


  • Highland Gold, up 150%
  • Impax Asset Management, up 186%
  • Perion Network, up 257% (in just six months!)
  • Capri Holdings, up 331%
  • Viacom, up 712%.

And I envision exponential profit potential for you, considering the incredible companies at our disposal today.

Over the long haul, my U.K. and worldwide readers have done phenomenally well...

Like Brian Arnold, who said...

Crocs has blasted 112% in [the] last seven months. I love you.


Charles Conner said...

“I invested in EOG down at $38 in late September 2020 which did 100% in seven to eight months. Now up 130% at $89...

BIG thanks, as the key reason I stayed in this investment is because of your 12-month rule guide... Also, sold PDCE at 214% in 4 1/2 months.”

And Nico Baidwan said...

“With your expert voice :) I have in the following companies 100% or greater gains (within 12 months):

Medifast (108%)
Crocs (122%)
ASM International NV (111.67%)

Personal thank you as always Alpesh, you have been one of a few people that has made a positive impact in my life.”

Simply put, I have no doubt that I can make a positive impact on your life too...

And help you achieve your retirement goals.

You just need to get started today.

In fact, I’ve got three terrific opportunities to get you off and running toward 580% outperformance of the markets...

All three stocks have passed my GVI system with flying colors.

A prolific homebuilder

The Rapidly Expanding Homebuilder With a 22.3 CROCI

It recently completed a big $53 million acquisition that has it poised to become a truly dominant homebuilder in America.

Its CROCI (cash return on capital invested) – the same factor Goldman Sachs promotes to its ultra-wealthy clients who have $10 million or more in net worth...

Is 123% better than typical CROCI scores I’m hoping to see.

Goldman Sachs’ quantum division says companies in the top quartile of CROCI can achieve 30% gains per annum.

I look for CROCI scores of 10 or higher.

This homebuilder’s CROCI is a 22.3. (Again, 123% better than my target.)

All the details on this up-and-coming company are in the special report I have for you called “The Rapidly Expanding Homebuilder With a 22.3 CROCI.”

All in all, this stock features similar metrics to BTS Group, which hit 84% gains in just six months.

A San Jose-based computer software company

Uber's Go-To Software Company With a 28 CROCI

Its massive new contract with Uber is a huge boon to the company’s bottom line.

And it’s just stretching into the European food delivery market with another massive new deal with Takeaway.com.

Revenues and sales are hitting record highs.

And better yet, its CROCI is 180% better than what I hope to see.

The name of this report is “Uber’s Go-To Software Company With a 28 CROCI.”

Seeking Alpha is calling for 97% upside on the stock this year.

A New York-based computer services company

bundle image

It just acquired not one, but three leading artificial intelligence platforms in a major multimillion-dollar deal.

This deal will solidify this company as the premier stock in its industry.

Its CROCI is the best of all... 225% better than what I’m looking for.

This report’s title is “The ‘Explosively Profitable’ Computer Services Company With a 32.5 CROCI.”

Perion Network, with comparable metrics, hit 257% gains in six months.

But you don’t have much time to act in order to receive these reports...

Your invitation to GVI Investor expires the moment we hit 450 charter members today.

With potentially tens of thousands viewing this opportunity at the same time as you, that cutoff could happen sooner than later.

So there’s not much time to take advantage of my special offer.

That’s why I’m urging you to get started RIGHT NOW.

When you sign up below, you’ll immediately receive a slew of benefits.

Here’s a Closer Look at Your Benefits Package...

bundle image

By signing up to become a charter member, you’ll get...

  • One full year of Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor
  • “The GVI Investor Handbook”: This outlines in more detail my entire Growth-Value-Income strategy. No matter how much or little experience you have in the markets, this handbook will show you how to thrive.

Plus, you’ll also receive...

  • The GVI Investor model portfolio: We will maintain a portfolio of 15 to 20 stocks over the course of the next 12 months, starting with the three stocks in these special reports:
    • “The Rapidly Expanding Homebuilder With a 22.3 CROCI”
    • “Uber’s Go-To Software Company With a 28 CROCI”
    • “The ‘Explosively Profitable’ Computer Services Company With a 32.5 CROCI.”

PLUS... I’ll deliver you one new stock recommendation every other week until we round out the portfolio of 15 to 20 stocks.

Additionally, you’ll also get unlimited access to your own GVI Investor concierge team, led by Christopher Jacob.

image of C&C team

If you have any questions about your membership, you can contact Chris and the team at any time.

Even if you call beyond the 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET office hours and leave a message, your call will be promptly returned the next business day.

Is Charter Membership Right for You?

My U.K. readers have paid up to 19,999 pounds (around $27,000) for my research...

That’s a big investment.

It’s also why the deal you’re getting today might be the greatest we’ll ever offer.

Forget the $4,900 retail price for my new GVI Investor.

We’re giving you $2,800 in charter member savings when you get started today.

So you’ll pay just $2,100 for one year of service!

Based on what I’ve heard from my longtime readers, the higher prices they paid in the past to follow my research resulted in phenomenal profits.

Ron Hammond said...

“I am doing very well now – thanks to you – and I constantly recommend people in your direction.”

Freddy Remnik started following my U.K. research with about 250 euros to invest... and in nine months, he turned it into 14,000 euros.

That’s 56X his starting stake!

It gave Freddy the boost he needed to start not one, but two, shipping companies.

Today, his companies are worth 10 to 12 million euros.

And he says of his success...

It’s all thanks to Alpesh Patel.”

Friends, now it’s time for you to make the smart decision to follow my GVI Investor.

Please understand, I’ve extended you an ironclad guarantee...

365-day satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied at any time over the course of your one-year subscription...

You can receive a full credit to use toward any of the outstanding Manward Press VIP services that may more closely fit your needs.

I am determined to help you succeed, no matter what!

That makes this as close to a no-lose situation as you can possibly get.


Here’s what a few of my longtime readers in the U.K. and worldwide have said...

Peter Cruddas, billionaire CEO of CMC Markets, says...

“Alpesh’s insight to the markets and trading are a must-read for traders of all levels, including beginners – there is something for everyone.”

Brent Abrams donated more to charity after pocketing six triple-digit winners within 12 months:

“My over 100% gain list: Generac, Volex, Medpace, Intuit, Synopsys and 2GOO.”

And Harold Gritter is a semi-retired IT consultant who says he’d had only moderate investing success until he came across my research and recommendations.

Harold says within one year he’s...

“Outperformed the Nasdaq and [has] investments that have provided 160% return on the initial investment.”

He says...

“The results have been fantastic, they’ve been transformational.”

These aren’t the only readers who have prospered greatly and never once looked back.

In fact, I’ve never had a single person who paid to follow my work ask for a refund.

Not one!

In short, I will do my absolute best to help you achieve transformational results.

But remember... we’re offering this deal only to the first 450 charter members today...

If spots go quickly, and we expect they will, we’ll be forced to remove this new charter member opportunity for good.

That means if you don’t get in now... you might not get in at all.

With so much to gain and virtually nothing to lose... this decision should be very easy for you.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, simply take a moment to fill in your information below.

I look forward to personally welcoming you as the newest charter member and to hopefully seeing you soon at one of our events.

And one final note... When you sign up below, you’ll be automatically enrolled in our all-expenses-paid “Taste of Royalty” dream European vacation sweepstakes!

I hope you win!


Alpesh Patel
DEALMAKER, U.K. Department for International Trade
Editor, GVI Investor

P.S. Should you have any questions about today’s special offer, please call our GVI Investor Liaison Office, headed by Christopher Jacob.

The team will be available to handle any questions you may have. Just call 844.201.1980 or 443.541.4636 and our friendly representatives will be happy to walk you through any of your questions.

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