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You’ll Gain Executive Access to Every VIP Research Service, Including the NEW Manward Novus... FOR LIFE.

Today, you have the chance to get unlimited lifetime access to ALL of Manward’s VIP services...

And you’ll be among the first to receive exclusive access to Andy Snyder’s brand-new service, Manward Novus.

Manward Novus will never be sold at any price.

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Here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll get:

Bundle includin reports, access to all our publications (Manward Letter, Alpha Money Flow, Venture Fortunes, GVI Investor), videos, and more. Read more below


The Next Big Trade: A New Way to Grow Wealth

This is Andy’s latest token recommendation... a way to play the entire token market and get a quarterly distribution of 10% of the company’s gross revenues. You’ll get a full write-up of this opportunity – including the name and ticker symbol.

The Next Big Trade: A New Way to Grow Wealth
The Token Trading Guide


The Token Trading Guide

The token market could be set to grow 2,400,000% over the next five years – and it’s just getting started. This easy-to-read instruction guide will show you everything you need to know to get started buying and selling tokens.


Manward Novus (Value: $8,000/year)

This exclusive research service is one of a kind. It’s geared solely toward getting into digital tokens early. Andy is looking for important new tokens that are tapping into fast-growing technologies... and he’ll alert you immediately when he finds them every quarter. This brand-new service is available ONLY to Manward Executive Members.


Alpha Money Flow (Value: $4,000/year)

Each week, Andy scans the crypto and stock markets, looking for big increases in buying activity. Once he finds the 10X burst that gets cryptos and stocks off the launch pad, he sends out a buy alert. You’ll have access to all of these picks – and every new pick he ever recommends.


Venture Fortunes (Value: $5,000/year)

This service covers the explosive pre-IPO and early-stage corner of the market. Andy hunts for pre-IPO and newly public opportunities that are accessible to anyone for less than $100... and can return up to 100X over time. You’ll get one to three pre-IPO and newly public recommendations every single month.


Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor (Value: $4,900/year)

Created by award-winning hedge fund and private equity fund manager Alpesh Patel, GVI Investor uses proprietary formulas to identify stocks that are seeing massive growth... trading at deep discounts to their true values... AND stand to deliver incredible income.


Alpesh’s Penny Stock Portfolio (Estimated value: $2,000/year)

This high-end portfolio is geared solely toward the smallest stocks in the market. Alpesh digs into this little-followed sector, looking for companies with big revenue growth, return on equity figures of 17% or more, and jumps in Wall Street interest with the profit trigger. Once he finds a stock that matches his criteria, he’ll immediately send a buy alert. This service is exclusive to lifetime members, and you’ll get access immediately as a Manward Executive Member.


Future Research Services

Whenever Manward launches a new research service, you’ll get it for free. It will be included in your Membership for no additional cost. These new services will automatically be added to your Manward Executive Membership, and you’ll have immediate access to every recommendation and special report... free... for life.


Manward Letter (Value: $249/year)

This is Manward’s flagship service. It covers a wide range of investment ideas – including cryptos, stocks, alternative investments and more. Each month, subscribers receive Andy’s thoughts on the market and his latest investment recommendations.


Generational Wealth Program

When you join, you’ll be given the option to specify an heir. This person can be a child, sibling, friend... anybody you think will benefit from it.

At the time of your choosing, you can pass this Membership on to them. That way, this Membership can help your family and friends for generations.

Years from now, your loved ones will be able to use this resource to build wealth... and they’ll have you to thank for it.


Access to the Liberty Indicator

As a Manward Executive Member, you’ll get exclusive access to our proprietary trading research tool... the Liberty Indicator. This is a screener that can accept any stock symbol – and soon any crypto – and tell you whether it’s likely to go “UP” or “DOWN.” And the Liberty Indicator will show you the ideal time to potentially bank massive profits based on Andy’s favorite volume indicator.


Executive Board Calls and Annual Meetings

Once a quarter, Members are invited to Executive Board Calls with Andy to discuss emerging trends, hot stocks, updates on current holdings and moneymaking opportunities. Members will also receive exclusive invites to annual Executive Meetings, where you can meet the experts, spend time with like-minded people and make powerful business connections.


Free Year of TradeStops Pro

As a new Manward Executive Member, you will receive a FREE year of TradeStops Pro, a service run by our colleagues at TradeSmith. TradeStops helps you monitor your portfolio with hedge-fund-level insights specifically designed for the individual investor. You’ll have full access to this powerful system that can help you minimize risk and maximize profits.

Bundle includin reports, access to all our publications (Manward Letter, Alpha Money Flow, Venture Fortunes, GVI Investor), videos, and more. Read more above

Of course, on top of all of this, you’ll also receive every dossier and special research report we produce... free for life.

The only way to access all of these VIP research services and exclusive benefits is to claim your Manward Executive Membership today... before we run out of available spots.

Remember, we are accepting only 50 new Members in total, so don’t delay.

With more than 200,000 readers out there, I expect these seats to disappear quickly.

The moment you become a Manward Executive Member, I’ll have your Welcome Kit sent straight to you.

This will include a 1-ounce silver bar we’re giving to all Charter Members.

It’s all yours the moment you become a Manward Executive Member.

But remember, we have only 50 spots available today.

First 50 to respond for a Manward Executive Membership

Exclusive Offer for First 50 to Respond

We’ve intentionally made just a small number of Manward Executive Memberships available.

The exclusive token opportunities Members get through Manward Novus are just too small to allow more than 50.

It’s designed for serious readers... the type who want to truly make a difference in their finances. As one of our top Members, you’re exactly who we’re looking for.

But with just 50 spots available today, this is your best and possibly ONLY chance to get one when you become an Executive Member.

So What’s the Cost?

In the future, the retail price for a Membership in the brand-new Manward Executive is set at $12,000.

And considering the immediate $25,000 value you’ll receive... as well as all the exclusive benefits... it’s easily worth MULTIPLE TIMES that standard fee.

But as I’ve said, we want to make sure you don’t miss out.

Plus, we want to reward you for being among the very first to claim an Executive Membership.

That’s why we’re offering a 59% discount right now.

That means you can secure a LIFETIME Membership in Manward Executive – including your access to Manward Novus and all the benefits we’ve discussed today...

For a one-time-only payment of $5,075.

This should truly be a no-brainer.

You’ll receive all of Manward’s recommendations...

And join Andy’s VIP subscribers who’ve made incredible returns.

$5,652 profit in five months – a 115% gain!

Chuck C.

$180,000 in seven months – a 257% gain!

Timothy S.

You can see why I believe the discounted price of $5,075 is a steal.

But don’t forget... when you grab yours today...

We’ll gift you a second Membership package – completely FREE!

You can give your Manward Executive Membership privileges to anyone in your family. Your spouse... a son or daughter... maybe even a grandchild.

No matter who you choose, you’ll both gain immediate access to everything we just reviewed!

And that means today you’re getting a MASSIVE two-for-one deal worth more than $51,000...

For just $5,075.

It’s an incredible deal and an amazing opportunity.

Think of it this way...

If you and a loved one each bought a one-year subscription to a VIP service...

(Let’s say you grabbed Andy’s Venture Fortunes and your loved one bought Alpesh’s GVI Investor...)

Together, you’d pay $9,900 retail for just one year of access.

But today, you have the chance to grab a LIFETIME of access... to ALL Manward VIP services... ALL our newsletters and e-letters... ALL our model portfolios... and ALL our research and recommendations...

For just $5,075!

It’s your choice:

One year for $9,900...


A lifetime of every single thing Manward offers for $5,075.

After that, the only thing you’ll ever pay again is a small $149 annual maintenance fee.

Of course, we understand this is a big decision, and we want you to feel 100% comfortable...

So we’re giving you 90 days to try everything out.


Complete Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

Andy's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Complete satisfaction or your money back!

Over the next 90 days, you’ll receive dozens of new recommendations...

And hundreds more before the end of the year...

Each one with 100% to 1,000% profit potential.

So take the next 90 days...

Explore the VIP services, get to know all the experts and check out their recommendations.

And if you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all, you can collect a refund directly from our Executive Member Services Team.

Just send back your Welcome Kit and silver bar, and we will refund your payment, minus a 10% service fee.

If you need any assistance, you can always call. A member of the team can help you with your order today and answer any questions about the service in the future.

Executive Member Services Team
844.201.1980 or +1.443.541.4636

But NOW is the time to act.

Simply complete the form below to immediately claim your Membership in Manward Executive... and receive your exclusive access to Manward Novus.

You’ll also gain instant access to every VIP research service we’ve discussed today.

If you’d prefer, you can always call our Executive Member Services Team at 844.201.1980 or +1.443.541.4636 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET.

Together, I’m confident this will be our best year ever.

I look forward to welcoming you to Manward Executive. 


Alex Moschina
Associate Publisher, Manward Press

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