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My team and I just released our most important report for gold investors... ever.

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This brand-new guide is jam-packed with everything you need to know to own and profit from gold, and I believe it’s the ultimate armor against rising prices and growing troubles in today’s economy.

It shows you...

  • How to get paid a dividend simply by owning gold
  • What percentage of your portfolio should be in gold for maximum safety and profits
  • How you can use gold to buy groceries or call an Uber
  • Plus... the best gold investments to own right now as the Fed’s rate hike sets us up for another big bull market in gold.

That’s not all...

When you accept this invitation today, I’ll also send you three more valuable reports to help you take full advantage of this critical window for gold.

BONUS REPORT NO. 1: “The Golden IRA” – This report tells you everything you need to know to use gold to build a rock-solid retirement.

BONUS REPORT NO. 2: “Gold Royalties: The Smart Investor’s Guide to Gold Mining Profits” – This report outlines my favorite ways to profit from wildcat gold miners... without all the risk of owning stock in these tiny gold miners.

BONUS REPORT NO. 3: “Tiny Mines, Huge Potential: The 3 Microcap Miners Sitting on a Billion-Dollar Payday” – This report features three tiny stocks I’ve identified that have HUGE payoff potential.

Together, these guides lay out a simple game plan – right down to the specific investments and systems you must have in place – for the best chance to profit from the bull run that I believe the Fed has just triggered.

It’s all yours immediately... when you take advantage of this incredible – and RARE – offer to subscribe to Manward Letter today.

PLUS, as part of your subscription, you’ll also get our top recommendations for diversifying your portfolio to take advantage of all of today’s hottest opportunities...

You’ll hear regularly from our beloved lunatic farmer, Joel Salatin, as he details the hottest trends of 2022... and how you can take advantage of them...

And you’ll also get access to exclusive insights from investing legend Alpesh Patel. There’s simply no one better when it comes to understanding the inner workings of the global economy and what they mean for investors like you.

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If for any reason you decide over the next 365 days that Manward Letter is not right for you, simply call us up. You’ll receive a full, prompt refund of your subscription fee. Plus, the invaluable series of gold guides you’ll receive is yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

When you subscribe today, you’ll receive...

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