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Yes, I Want the “Big Prediction” Issue and 12 Full Months of Manward Letter

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My team and I just released the most important issue of Manward Letter... ever. This annual “big prediction” issue is jam-packed with details and predictions of the devastating recession that I believe is coming this year.

It discusses...

  • Why BIG trouble is coming
  • What’s gone wrong
  • Why most analysts are totally missing the telltale signs
  • Plus... the ultimate, stupidly simple strategy to avoid the pain that’s ahead.

This critical issue also features the full details of a “new-world” bank that is like no other. It’s a major player in the race toward digital money and crypto dominance.

If the data is right... this recession-proof play could lead to an incredible 1,400% gain over the course of just a few years.

It carries some risks like all investing does, so we don’t recommend you bet the farm on it alone (our strategy will teach you how to properly diversify), but... I want every one of my readers to get the urgent details of why this one could surge right away.

Plus... no issue of Manward Letter is complete without a rousing essay from Joel Salatin.

In this issue, our beloved lunatic farmer details the hottest trends of 2022... and how you can take advantage of them.

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When you subscribe today, you’ll receive...

  • 12 info-packed monthly issues of Manward Letter
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  • Access to my proprietary Modern Asset Portfolio
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  • And much more.

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