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You're One Step Away from Claiming the 3 Artificial Super Intelligence Reports That Could Show You How to Turn $500 into $6,000... $24,300... and even $62,850   by 2030

Asi Playbook Bundle
Shah Gilani

Shah here.

You just made a great decision for your financial future.

I believe we are just three months away from the singularity and the birth of ASI – artificial super intelligence.

The moment ASI is switched on, it will shake the world to its core...

And send a handful of stocks to record-breaking highs this decade...

Like the AI data company my team and I believe could grow 1,100%.

ai data stock chart showing 1,100% gain

ChatGPT says another data company is “critical for AI-related workloads.”

We estimate it could grow 12,400%.

ai data stock chart #2 showing 12,400% gain

And there’s also an AI data-cleaning company that’s already on the path to grow by 4,700%.

ai data stock chart #2 showing 4,700% gain

These three stocks are already growing at record speed thanks to AI.

And every data point is telling me that once the singularity bursts onto the scene three months from now...

It will send these stocks to the moon.

Singularity clock countdown

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There’s no way to overstate what’s coming down the line.

The singularity is a tech revolution that will make the internet seem like the Stone Age.

The CEO of Google says AI is “more influential than humanity’s discovery of fire.”

And while Goldman Sachs says ASI could cause a 66% shift toward unemployment...

If you’re here, you’re already one giant leap ahead of the game.

Because together, we’re preparing to ride this $15.7 trillion wave to a life of prosperity.

You’ve already seen how I predicted the shift from “made in America” to “made in China”...

The $871 billion shift to e-commerce...

And the $506 billion work-from-home revolution.

Now I’m making my biggest prediction to date...

Even bigger than when I called Microsoft.

Microsoft chart showing 245% gain

And strangely enough, this ASI prediction is also the safest call of my career.

Because while most investors are throwing money at any company with the letters “AI” in its name...

Or buying $300 mainstream stocks like Google and Microsoft...

I’m focused on much smaller stocks in an industry that’s required to grow at the same rate AI does.

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And with AI already showing us it can make itself nearly 500% more powerful in just four months...

Chart comparing data parameter power for ChatGPT 3 and 4. 175 billion for ChatGPT 3 compared to 1 trillion for 4

This may be your only chance to prepare.

That’s why I’ve created “The AI Singularity Playbook.”

Asi profit and protect playbook

Inside is a three-part investment strategy that’s critical to making money from the $15.7 trillion AI boom.

AI Investment Strategy Part 1: 

AI Investment Strategy Part 1: BUY FOR PROFIT

The first thing you need to do to prepare for the singularity is to dramatically build your wealth. That way, if AI takes your job... you’ll have a nest egg to fall back on. So in my first report, you’ll get the three best AI data stocks you can play for massive potential growth.

Remember... data stocks are directly linked to the growth of AI systems. Even AI itself says stocks like these MUST grow at the same pace as AI.

Stock #1 Estimated Profit: $6,000

Stock #2 Estimated Profit: $24,300

Stock #3 Estimated Profit: $62,850

* Based on an initial investment of $500 and projected from now until 2030

Next – because every investor needs a safety net – I’ve laid out three of the best AI income stocks for you in the second part of “The AI Singularity Playbook.”

AI Investment Strategy Part 2: 

AI Investment Strategy Part 2: HOLD FOR INCOME

In this report, you’ll learn how to get a single asset in a niche industry called the “physical epicenter of AI” – plus the two stocks designed to safely increase your cash flow year after year. The world has never seen anything like ASI before, so it’s important to have an airtight safety play so you have the chance to get paid no matter what.

Stock #4 Estimated Profit: $16,600 + 4.5% income checks

Stock #5 Estimated Profit: $7,950 + 5.7% income checks

Stock #6 Estimated Profit: $27,900 + 3.9% income checks

* Based on an initial investment of $500 and projected from now until 2030

So first, you’re going to get my stocks that could give you a chance to build massive wealth.

Second, you’re going to get an opportunity to dramatically increase your cash flow.

Now comes the final part of my three-part singularity playbook.

AI Investment Strategy Part 3: 

AI Investment Strategy Part 3: SELL FOR SURVIVAL

It’s a list of the 14 stocks I want you to purge from your portfolio ASAP.

Millions of Americans are sitting on these 14 doomed stocks... They’re like land mines.

My research shows that when ASI launches in three months, these companies will be among the first to go bankrupt.

Throw out these dead fish before they ruin your personal finances.

That’s everything that’s included in your playbook... but that’s not all you’ll get.

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Join me today, and you’ll also receive my bonus report:

“Going Nuclear: The Ultimate AI Energy Stock.”

Going Nuclear: The Ultimate AI Energy Stock

AI needs more than data... It also needs energy.

And while most energy stocks are too expensive for my taste...

This nuclear stock is underpriced and primed for new levels of profits.

That’s because it’s the most politically connected company in the entire sector – its CEO is a former U.S. Secretary of Energy.

When it comes to nuclear energy, this company’s ability to sail through the government red tape practically guarantees its quick success.

And in this report, I’m going to show why this stock is poised for triple-digit gains within the next six to 12 months.

All four reports – the three included in “The AI Singularity Playbook” and “Going Nuclear: The Ultimate AI Energy Stock”... are yours today when you join me in my personal investment newsletter, Manward Money Report.

If that sounds like a catch, you’re in for a pleasant surprise...

Because Manward Money Report is my flagship investment research service.

For the better part of a decade, it has given tens of thousands of readers across America investment research and recommendations they could turn into profits.

I have personally helped folks through some of the biggest money shifts in history – including the smartphone revolution, the growth of software-as-a-service stocks, the surge of technology and the FAANGs...

I even showed folks how to protect their money from cataclysmic events like the Great Recession and COVID with a basket of “work-from-home” stocks that give them a chance to make a fortune.

Today, I’m focused like a laser on the biggest opportunities of our time – the new oil “gold” rush happening in the Permian... the EV revolution... huge stock moves in semiconductors... and of course, AI.

I’ve Never Given So Much for So Little

Right now on our website, you can buy a subscription to Manward Money Report for $249 a year.

But because ASI could be launching just three months from now, I want to help Americans prepare before the final wealth transfer.

So I’ve decided to lower the price of Manward Money Report...

Plus ALL the bonuses you’ll get today.

Instead of charging you the normal $249 fee...

I’m offering you everything today for only $79.

That’s a 68% discount – but it’s available only if you act now.

Three months from now, America will change like it did after 9/11... and like it changed during the COVID pandemic.

I want to help my fellow Americans grow rich by taking full advantage of this final transfer of wealth.

That’s why I’m going to make this decision even easier.

On top of your 68% discount, I’m also going to give you the best Money-Back Guarantee you’ll ever see.

365-Day Guarantee

If you’re not happy for ANY REASON, my team will give you a Money-Back Guarantee for up to a full year...

No fine print... no conditions... no BS.

Guarantee badge twenty

If you join me today, invest in all the stocks I’m giving you, make a profit... and still decide to ask for your money back...

My team will still honor your guarantee.

Simply call our number and talk to our Maryland-based Support Team, and we’ll instantly send you back every penny.

I want to make sure nothing is holding you back from making the right decision today.

Because in three months, when the singularity is unleashed on this world...

And you’re watching how your neighbors and friends react to their life savings getting cut in half...

I want you to be prepared like I am.

Not just by protecting your hard-earned money...

But also by setting yourself up for the chance to grow your wealth by an estimated 1,100%... 4,700%... and even 12,400% over the next few years.

When the singularity arrives, a steady source of income could make all the difference.

You’ll want to collect bonus income checks from stocks I believe could grow by 3,200%... 1,490%... and 5,480%.

So join me right now – while there’s still time to prepare.

You’ll get instant access to my flagship investment research service, Manward Money Report...

And my team will send the ASI reports to your email immediately.

Join Me Now... and I’ll Show You How to Be on the Receiving End of the $15.7 Trillion Wealth Transfer

Time is running out.

Singularity clock countdown

I’ll see you in the membership area. 


Shah's signature

Shah Gilani
Chief Investment Strategist, Manward Press
August 2023

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