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And the opportunity to see how to select winning stocks using the power of AI...

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Alpesh Patel headshot

Dear Reader,

Alpesh Patel here.

I’m so excited you’ve decided to join us at GVI Investor!

The AI boom is upon us.

Yet, in a time of uncertainty in the markets...

It’s more important than ever to do your due diligence and select stocks that are only the best of the best.

Leading hedge funds have already proven that the use of AI in stock selection improves results.

The evidence is clear...

Between 2017 and 2020, hedge funds that used AI almost tripled the industry’s average return.

Man Group 5X’d the size of its AI-managed fund between 2014 and 2021.

The University of Florida published a now-famous study showing that a backtested investing model powered by ChatGPT...

Could have generated returns of 512% over a 15-month stretch during one of the worst markets in a decade.

Bar graph showinf ChatGPT Vs. S&P 500, October 2021 to December 2022. Chat GPT up 512% while S&P 500 was down 12%

And my own test using ChatGPT between January and June yielded exceptional results.

From a watchlist of 69 stocks, about 3 out of 4 were winners...

And the average gain for each of the winners was three times the size of the average loss for each loser.

Chart of wins! Learn more when you join today!

Until now, Main Street investors have been left out when it comes to investing with the help of AI.

But the launch of ChatGPT is changing everything.

Overnight, it put the power of AI into the hands of everyday investors.

In fact, I use AI and ChatGPT every single day.

By joining GVI Investor today, you’ll have the chance to target outsized gains with the power of AI.

Simply fill out the form below or call 844.201.1980 or +1.443.541.4636 to sign up right away.

You’ll be one of the first to take advantage of the AI boom in a way that, to my knowledge, no other Main Street investor has been able to.

You’ll receive ChatGPT-enhanced research and recommendations from an active hedge fund manager with decades of experience...

Who Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg and Business Insider turned to for insight and analysis on how AI is impacting everyday investors.

With that said, here’s everything you’ll receive from me when you become the newest member of GVI Investor...

Special Report No. 1: “The $3 Stock Big-Time Investors Are Loading Up On” (a $499 value, yours FREE)

The $3 Stock Big-Time Investors Are Loading Up On

In this report, you’ll get the name and ticker symbol of one of the most exciting, underpriced stocks in the market. With quarterly sales growth of 86%, 12-month revenue of $5.6 billion, 24% profit margins and assets totaling $61.5 billion... there’s no reason this $3 billion company should still trade for less than $3. With growth forecast at 211% over the next three years, it could easily gain 100% or more in the next 12 months.

Special Report No. 2: “The ‘Stealth’ AI Company That Could Double in 12 Months” (a $499 value, yours FREE)

The ‘Stealth’ AI Company That Could Double in 12 Months

This second opportunity with the potential to rise 100% in 12 months will surprise everyone! Yes, it’s a successful transportation company that makes 25 million shipments a day in 10,500 cities around the globe. But this is actually an under-the-radar AI boom play with at least $1 billion invested in AI and more AI patents pending. Once investors realize what it’s really up to, I believe this stock is going to skyrocket.

Special Report No. 3: “The Most Explosive Royalty Trust You’ve NEVER Heard Of” (a $499 value, yours FREE)

The Most Explosive Royalty Trust You’ve NEVER Heard Of

The stock you’ll get in this report is a small $115 million royalty trust paying a whopping 22% yield. Between November 2020 and April 2023, Permian Basin Royalty Trust went from below $2.25 a share to over $27... a 1,145% gain.

With oil supplies constrained around the globe due to developments in Ukraine and the Middle East, the virtually unknown oil and gas royalty play I detail in this report could explode higher. And did I mention it’s paying 22%?

Remember, these are the three top plays AI helped me target for the biggest profits in the year ahead.

Together, these three special reports are valued at nearly $1,500.

But when you subscribe to GVI Investor by filling out the simple form below, you’ll get all of them for FREE.

And that’s just the beginning.

As a new subscriber, you’ll also receive a fourth brand-new report called...

Special Report No. 4: “Alpesh Patel’s AI Super Trader Blueprint” (a $2,000 value, yours FREE)

Alpesh Patel’s AI Super Trader Blueprint

In this report, I show you exactly how I use ChatGPT to help me target winning stocks to recommend to my readers. I go through all of the prompts, or questions, I’ve asked it. You’ll see every input that ultimately resulted in the watchlist of top stocks I’m willing to share with you today. You’ll be one of the few people in the world who understands how it all works.

And for anyone who takes me up on this offer right now, I’ll also throw in a fifth free report...

Special Report No. 5: “The GVI Investor Handbook” (a $499 value, yours FREE)

The GVI Investor Handbook

The letters G-V-I are incredibly important.

They stand for growth, value and income...

In total, 17 metrics form the foundation of my stock-picking strategy.

And now I’m able to prompt ChatGPT with all 17 formulas to see the top stocks that could be poised to soar the highest... in real time.

I’ve compiled every detail of my investment strategy in this fifth FREE report, which you’ll receive immediately upon joining me today.

But these reports are just the start...

The GVI Investor Model Pertfolio

When you become a GVI Investor member, you’ll also gain instant access to my model portfolio online.

You’ll find all of my current recommendations there.

You’ll be able to easily access all of my research on them.

And my instructions for each recommendation are constantly updated, so you’ll never be left wondering what to do with any open position.

Of course, you’ll also receive regular GVI Investor updates for as long as you’re a member.

That includes up to 24 recommendations per year.

I’ll select each one with the help of my ChatGPT-enhanced investment strategy.

You’ll get the exact reasons I believe, with the help of ChatGPT, that a company is poised to soar.

I’ll give you the price you should be willing to pay...

Along with how much I think you can expect to gain over the following year.

Weekly Trade Updates

And as we add recommendations to the portfolio, I’ll also email you Weekly Trade Updates.

My team and I stay on top of my recommendations 24/7.

These trade updates are meant to keep you informed about anything that may change with my stock recommendations.

I’m also going to email you a Special Sell Alert whenever it’s time to exit a position.

Special Sell Alert

And I’ll promptly replace any exited position with a new stock that my system ranks higher.

I’m even happy to text you these alerts if you choose.

That way, you won’t have to be anchored to your computer at all hours of the day, wondering what’s going on.

You’ll also receive invitations to attend my monthly video calls, where I lay out the case for big new opportunities.

Monthly video calls with Alpesh!

We’ll discuss current events, the ups and downs of the markets, and how they could affect our stocks.

And finally, as promised, I’ll also send you the watchlist of stocks I started in January, which I’ll update monthly...

This list identified some of the biggest winners over the first six months of the year.

Chart of wins! Learn more when you join today!

And the list is updated each month, so you’ll always have the newest version.

To pull it all together...

When you become a new member of GVI Investor, you’ll get everything you see here...

Bundle of all that you get today! A $4,900 value

Considering that the free reports alone are valued at nearly $4,000... and that JPMorgan Chase proposes charging $10,000 for equity research of this caliber...

I’d say the retail price that my publisher has set at $4,900 is quite a bargain.

However, for anyone who joins me as a new subscriber to GVI Investor right now...

I’ve negotiated a 63% discount on your behalf.

That means you can become a member for just $1,795.

That’s an incredible value in itself...

I’ve got one more incredible
bonus for you.

Anyone who joins TODAY will get an additional 3 months FREE.

That’s 15 months of my top research and recommendations for 63% off the retail price of just one year.

Bundle of all that you get today! A $1,795 saving!

But here’s the catch.

This offer is available only to new members who sign up today. After that, I cannot guarantee the price will ever be less than $4,900 again.

Keep in mind, my hedge fund clients must have at least $1 million to invest with me. Many put up over $10 million.

I’m sure you understand that because we’re offering so much value in this highly discounted package, there will be no refunds.

That said, these membership spots are going fast! So please don’t hesitate. You don’t want to miss out.

You have nothing to lose. As a member of GVI Investor, you’ll have me with you every step of the way.

Simply enter your information into the secure form below to start your journey toward potentially life-changing profits.

I can’t wait to welcome you to GVI Investor.

And I can’t wait for you to experience the power of AI in your own investing.


Alpesh Patel

P.S. If you have any questions about this special offer, I urge you to call my fantastic GVI Investor concierge team.

Our GVI Investor concierge team is available to handle any questions you may have. Simply call us at 844.201.1980 or +1.443.541.4636.

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